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10/09/2021 Prince Michel of Yugoslavia« Territories & Blazons »

The Coats of Arms, as we recall, has formed an emblematic system of identification since the times when recognition did not require writing. Their contemporaries are emoticons, simple and

universal geometric symbols, capable of instantly translating an infinite number of speeches, ideas, feelings ...

The fixed landscape becomes mobile, according to an op art principle Only the gaze of the observer is enough to set the work in motion.

«Magic mirrors» say those who have kept their child’s soul ...

« Territoires et Blasons » is on display until October 30, 2021, in the Millennial Olive Grove of Roquebrune Cap-Martin, under the High Patronage of His Serene Highness, Prince Albert II of Monaco.

From October 16, 2021, «Territories and Blazons» is the special guest of a contemporary photo festival in South Korea near DMZ (Border with North Korea) Belgrade Fortress is the centerpiece. It represents an impassable wall, becoming transparent, according to the gaze of its observer ...

The first opus of the cycle had been presented at festivals, in Seoul

in 2019, and China in 2020 during the pandemic.

The cycle is traveler. For example, «Love Lake» is an aerial photo of an artificial lake made up of two interlocking hearts in the desert of Dubai. Land art symbolizing a project to transform the desert into a


The Okavango is one of the largest rivers in Africa. It does not join the sea but flows and evaporates in the Kalahari Desert, forming a gigantic delta, the last real wetland of virgin nature in Africa.

Monaco has been photographed from all angles since the invention of photography. The Prince of Yugoslavia offers a new vision of it, under an imaginary dome, an interpretation of the coat of arms of the princes of Monaco, made up of a tapered shield held by Friars Minor brandishing a sword. They evoke the conquest of Monaco in 1297 by François Grimaldi and his companions disguised as monks. The imaginary dome protects the principality, and its reflection in the harbor water protects the oceans.


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