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03.january 2020

"People & Paces"

Palm Beach, Florida

04.december 2019

"Planete" Exposition des photos,

La Fondation Biermans Lapôrte, Paris

19.november 2019

Exhibition of my new fashion photos in Belgrade. A very interesting work with

Marija Duric and Nebojsa Babic

30.november 2018

Exposition, Andric Institute organized by Mr Emir Kusturica, Belgrade, Serbia 


Belgrade show in Madlenianum

with Mr and Mrs Zepter


Belgrade show in Madlenianum

with Mr and Mrs Zepter

21.novembre 2016

Genève: Cocktail d' Artistes

 Vernissage Galerie Art Dynasty

13.december 2016

Bern: Photo exhibition about Belgrade by Prince Mihailo Karadjordjevic

The Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Bern hosted on its premises an exhibition of Belgrade-themed photographs by H.R.H. Prince Mihailo Karadjordjevic, who is a resident of Geneva. The exhibition was organized as part of activities marking the centenary of the establishment of the Serbian Embassy to the Swiss Confederation. 

Addressing the audience which included Members of Parliament, representatives of federal authorities, diplomatic corps and the Serbian diaspora in Switzerland, Ambassador Snezana Jankovic underlined the importance of the exhibition, in the context of the symbolic value conveyed by the fact that at the time of the establishment of the Legation of the Kingdom of Serbia in Bern in 1916, it was the Karadjordjevic dynasty that held the throne in Serbia, whose descendant was presenting his artwork at the Embassy a century later. H.R.H. Prince Mihailo Karadjordjevic welcomed the audience, expressing his gratitude to the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia for hosting the exhibition.


22.november 2016

Vernissage du Cocktail d'Artistes -Genève                   

Dans le cadre du vernissage imaginé par Giovanni Rondanini, Président de la Société Genevoise d’Études Italiennes et Vice-Président du Club des Leaders, qui organise pour ses amis, avec ses amis et entre ses amis un cocktail d'artistes qui exposeront du 22 novembre au 27 novembre en vielle ville de Genève.

23 Grand Rue, en vieille ville de Genève, du mardi 22 au samedi 27 novembre 2016.

Les videos sont visibles dans 


10. mai 2016

Exposition -                              Luxembourg  

14. avril 2016

The International Art project 2016  


March 2016:

ArtDynasty Gallery welcomed over 300 guests 

March 10, 2016 Vernissage of guest artist, the Prince Michel de Yougoslavie’s exhibition of photographs of Belgrade and his family’s Royal Palace and Church of Oplenac.

Among the special guests were the Ambassadors of Serbia to Switzerland and the U.N. as well as a former Swiss Deputy Ambassador to Yugoslavia, and many other business, cultural, social elite and royal from Europe, Middle East and Asia. 


The response was very enthusiastic and complimentary regarding both Prince Michel de Yougoslavie’s exhibition and ArtDynasty Gallery.The unique photos, mostly in color with some contrasted with black and white borders, are viewable until March 26, 2016 at ArtDynasty Gallery located at 23 Grand Rue in the Old Town of Geneva. 

These limited edition photos are signed by the Prince Michel de Yougoslavie.


Annual Charity Auction in association with Stelios Philanthropic Foundation and Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation
“Dead Sunflower”

The Stelios Philanthropic Foundation and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation 

Monaco,16th July 2015




The charity auction at the 3rd Annual Event will again be held in aid of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. This year monies raised will be used to safeguard the world’s most precious species and habitats including the Amur Tiger, Snow Leopard, Marine Turtle, Bluefin Tuna, Striped Dolphin and Fin Whale.

This year's auction includes a selection of artwork, jewellery and experiences amongst other items offered by our generous artists and donors.

100% of funds committed by patrons at the auction will be donated entirely to this year’s cause. Additionally, The Stelios Philanthropic Foundation will match all donations on the night.



Michel de Yougoslavie: each photography is a story…



Salon d'Art Contemporain par excellence
Côte d' Azur
Academia Fine Art

28/01/2015 - 28/02/2015 


Michel de Yougoslavie propose une exposition de ses clichés pris à travers le monde, tantôt en milieu urbain tantôt dans la nature. L’occasion de respirer un peu dans un monde sans cesse en mouvement, à découvrir à la galerie Academia Fine Art de Monaco jusqu’au 28 février.




« I made a photo in which you see a wooden chalet with a crooked tree in front of it. I called

it ‘Life’. Because you can be born crooked and make yourself a straight life. Or the opposite.

You can be born in a straight family and you become crooked. Each photo has a story... »


Michel de Yougoslavie is a photographer who tells stories.




Bank Coutts in Geneva



Exhibition featuring the photography of Prince Michel of Yugoslavia. 

The event will be held in in the new office of Coutts in Geneva. 




Michel de Yougoslavie: each photography is a story…

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