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Discover the dynamic cultural life of Belgrade with Prince Michel de Yougoslavie

This return to his Serbian roots enables us to experience his own personal emotions and embrace it as our own.

Along with his Serbian friends, Alexander Simic seen for his musical compositions and orchestral performance done for NASA and specially at Ban Ki-moon’s request for the U.N., and Marija Djuric seen at her home for her paintings, Prince Michel de Yougoslavie helps us discover the dynamic cultural life of Belgrade. He transfers his creative sightings, from the streets of Belgrade to the docks of the Danube, onto his camera’s lenses.

His journey continues to Topola to visit his family’s mausoleum, modest for its church exterior but sumptuous for its white marble interior, enriched by the beautiful Serbo-Byzantine mosaics made of 16’000 various colors, that protects and exalts the crypts of the Prince’s royal ancestors and relatives. He lights candles to commemorate his royal ancestors.

The last stopover is his family’s Royal Palace that preserves so well the artistic craftsmanship of Russian artists for the interior walls, ceilings and columns. There we see the library with the family paintings and other rooms as Prince Michel de Yougoslavie walks us about the Royal Palace and ends up on the terrace overlooking the garden.

These photos of Belgrade, Topola and his Royal Palace are now displayed in ArtDynasty Gallery in Geneva through March 28th, 2016.

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